I retired  from the New York City Police Department in 2011 and decided that Id like to spend a good part of the time I have left pointing my camera at really cool stuff.  I hope you enjoy.

Glenn Amico

SighMe Photographique?

 Why not Glenn's Photography or some other palatable moniker?  That's easy.  I'm not a photographer.  You don't want me photographing your special event, your dignitaries, your family.....not even your pets.  Heck, I don't even own a flash.  What I can do is readily find beauty (or what I think is beautiful at least)  in most people, places and things.......and when I do, I aim my camera at it, hence "Photographique" (photographic).  I'm not French either but I really love what they do to words (food also......music not so much).  "SighMe" is just what I say all day long (most days) to express that I'm constantly overwhelmed by this magnificent world.